Sunday, 29 May 2016

THE DAYS NAMES IN FRENCH--::-- lundi .....Sunday . mari..... Tuesday . mercredi.... Wednesday . jeudi .....Thursday . vendredi ..... Friday . samedi ..... Saturday . dimanche ....Sunday . NOTE --::-- The Name Of Days Of A Week Are Not CAPITALIZED In French . The French Week Starts On Monday Rather Than Sunday.

DAYS NAME OF THE WEEK IN ENGLISH --::-- The Days Of The Week In English Begin With CAPITAL Letters . * Sunday * Monday * Tuesday * Wednesday * Thursday * Friday * Saturday . *** NOTE*** Sunday & Saturday Are Known As Weekend.

ISLAMIC MONTHS --::-- 1--::-- MUHARRAM 2--::-- SAFAR --::-- 3 RABI - UL- AWWAL 4--::-- RABI-UL - UTHANI (AKHAR) 5--::-- JUMADI-UL-AWWAL 6--::-- JUMADI-UL UTHANI(AKHAR) 7--::-- RAJAB 8--::-- SHA'BAN 9--::-- RAMDAN (RAMZAN) 10--::-- SHAWWAL 11--::-- ZHUL-Q'ADA 12--::-- ZHUL-HIJJA

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